About us is a student-friendly website in which you can find a step by step method, tips and tools to better understand and analyze literary works. LnT aims to add new elements to your knowledge and helps you loosen all the knots that keep you on a basic level when it comes to literature in English.

A collective literary journey

With two classes of terza del Liceo Scientifico, opzione scienze applicate, I started outlining a literary path, a collective journey last year. Armed with our curiosity, we travelled through some centuries, trying to understand the cultural characteristics of each age, through the investigation of historical and artistic facts. We ideally met the most representative authors and above all we 'visited' their works.

We  learned to research, collect and share information, first with the class members, then with others through We put up a step by step work method.

Many of the lessons were held in the IC lab because much of the material we researched was available on the net. We used videos, films, music recordings and readings made by actors. We read complete works, excerpts and biographies. We used dictionaries, thesaurus and glossaries available on the web, like word,, >thesaurus.

 We worked a lot in group (cooperative learning) to share research, experiences, emotions and knowledge.

We learned how to summarize a text, produce a map and write a text autonomously. We shared biographies (bio charts), presentations and analyses of poems, novels and plays. We prepared PPT, videos and recordings to share our work.

In this school year we are pushing our work ahead, following our step by step method and sharing the results and new didactic tools in the sections of literature-no-trouble-com:

Blog - Literature ... no trouble: posts answering questions and queries about literature

Genres: literary genres definition, presentations with features, didactic tools like maps, PPT

Authors: bio charts (biographies in synthetic form) about famous authors and presentation of their works, following a step by step method summarized in a map

Text analysis: a step by step method to analyze literary texts. LnT aims to help you understand, recognize and present literary elements such as layout, plot, characterization, setting, theme, point of view, figures of speech, style. 

How to ...: If you don't know how to present the biography of a writer or you can't figure out how to summarize a literary text? The section How to ... and take your first steps not only in understanding fully the texts you read but also in analyzing them in this free student-friendly website.

Cut it loose: Cut it loose! brings all the definitions, features and didactic tools you need for an effective literary analysis in one place. Learn how to identify a point of view,  how to describe the layout of a poem. Use a map to review the figures of speech. And much more.

Easy-peasy: this is a very special section to me! It contains the summaries, the bio charts, the text analyses, ... produced by my students.

literature-no-trouble on  Youtube: the site is now equipped with a youtube channel. It displays short videos presenting reference materials (for non-native English speakers) about literature, tips, tools and step by step methods to better understand and analyze literary works in English.

Anna-Maria Bellomo

currently a high school teacher in Rome

AESI degree, École Normale Fernand Hotyat, Belgium

Degree in English Literature, II Università di Roma

Professional background

Middle school teacher in Belgium

Adult education teacher in Belgium (at École des Arts et Métiers and in collaboration with ENAIP)

High school teacher in Italy, Rome (vocational high school for Graphic Design, technical high school specialized in Chemistry and IC, linguistic high school, scientific high school)

Teacher in Master Degrees at Università LUMSA in Rome (Training courses for teaching English to students with Specific Learning Disabilities, Training course for teaching English to students with Specific Learning Disabilities ADHD)

Teacher in Training Courses at Istituto Stefanelli, Liceo Scientifico Talete in Rome (Training courses for teaching English to students with Specific Learning Disabilities and Special Needs)

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