Thomas More 

Biography Chart

The biography chart is a didactic aid. It contains essential biographic information about the author and info about his literary production. Sentences are not provided because by following the biographic facts and the inputs about the literary production, students can easily make simple sentences, then paragraphs and finally a text.

To further enhance your understanding and maximize the benefits of the chart, we invite you to check out our YouTube channel. There, you'll find a comprehensive video tutorial that explains step-by-step how to use the bio chart effectively.

The Biography Chart may be used as a compensatory measure for students with dyslexia and as material for study by anyone else. You can enhance your experience by utilizing the interactive biography chart. Additionally, the page featuring useful expressions for biography charts can assist you in developing your own text.

The Biography Chart provided here below, crafted by a student of mine,  covers Thomas More's lifetime, from 1478 BC to 1535.