Literary trends

Part 1

Part 2

William Wordsworth

Biography chart

Lyrical Ballads: The Preface

Lyrical Ballads: a presentation

Daffodils: Full text, wordlist

DaffodilsText analysis

Daffodils: Visual Semantic Analysis

John Keats:

Biography chart

CassandraAusten-JaneAusten(c.1810) hires

Jane Austen:

Biography chart

Pride and Prejudice: presentation of the novel

Pride and Prejudice: first page, word list

Northanger Abbey:  first page, word list

Samuel Taylor Coleridge:

 Biography chart

Lyrical Ballads: a presentation

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Full text

Part 1: division into sections; layout

Mary Shelley: 

Biography chart


The novel

First page: text and word list

John Keats:

Biography chart

Lord George Gordon Byron: 

Biography chart   

Don Juan

Don Juan: Some Passages from the Poem

Percy Bisshe Shelley

Biography chart

England in 1819: text and word list

England in 1819: text analysis: in 8 literary elements

La Belle Dame sans Merci: text and word list

La Belle Dame sans Merci: analysis  

Prometheus Unbound: a Presentation in 10 Literary Elements

Prometheus Unbound, an extract: text and word list