Authors from the Victorian Age

Charles Dickens: Bio chart

Oliver Twist: 

First page: text and wordlist;  text analysis

Oliver leaves Mrs Mann's House: text and wordlisttext analysis

Hard Times:

 A classroom definition of a horse

Coketown: language analysis

Oscar Wilde's Biography: map


The Picture of Dorian Gray: map

The Picture of Dorian Gray: the novel in 11 literary elements

The Ballad of Reading Goal: 

Each Man Kills the Thing he Loves: analysis

 Each Man Kills the Thing he Loves: text and wordlist

Joseph Conrad: An Essay by Virginia Woolf

Heart of Darkness: the novel in 7 key elements

Heart of Darkness: first page: text and wordlist

Heart of Darkness: The Devil of Colonialism: visual analysis

Robert Louis Stevenson: biography chart

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: the novel in 8 literary elements