Beowulf: an audio file 

a student's presentation of the literary work

by Vittorio 
(school year 2022-2023 - 3 LES)

The audio file is a recording of a student's oral presentation of Beowulf, a famous epic poem. The student presents an analysis of the work, covering various elements such as the genre, structure and plot, characters, settings, and themes. The presentation is an overview of the literary work, providing insights and understanding of the different elements that make up the story. It is clear that the student has put in effort to understand the book and convey the analysis in a clear and organized manner. The student was following a step-by-step method provided by the teacher, which can also be found on this site for reference.. However, there are two mispronounced words in the audio. The correct pronunciation for these words will be provided separately.

There are two mispronounced words in the audio. Here are the correct pronunciation: 

1:32 Beowulf /ˈbeɪəwʊlf/

2:06 Denmark /ˈdenmɑːk/