Mrs Dalloway

7 literary elements collected in a map to Virginia Woolf's novel:

- general introduction: title, sources, plot

- structure

- characters

- setting


- point of view

- narrative techniques

Meet the Author

Virginia Woolf

Explore the  Interactive Biography Chart  to gather important details about Virginia Woolf. Look up information in your textbook or visit: - 

- for additional resources.

Fill in the chart with basic info like Woolf's full name, when she was born and passed away, where she studied, and events that influenced her writing.

When you get to her literary production, start with the main work you're studying. Write down the full title, say what kind of story it is, and give a brief synthesis. Do the same for her other important works. If you're stuck or need help, there's a list of useful expressions available for free. These expressions can be used as sentences to help you express your ideas more effectively. Your finished chart, along with the list of expressions, will be a handy guide for talking or writing about the author.