Tamburlaine the Great

A guide in 7 literary elements

A practical guide for beginners or non native speakers that presents Tamburlaine the Great in 7 literary elements:

  1. explanation of the title
  2. information on the author
  3. genre of the work 
  4. structure of the book
  5. summary of the plot
  6. overview of the characters
  7. themes

LnT suggests: 

LnT   The link on the right leads to a BBC Radio Drama of Christopher Marlowe's 16th century play, combining both parts into one broadcast, about the growth to tyrannical power of the Scythian shepherd Tamburlaine, a classic drama said to have changed the course of British drama and to have influenced the young Shakespeare.

Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 16 September 2012

LnT   The maps above may help you present one of Marlowe's masterpiece. Use them freely: add some details or pictures, transform them into a PPT or even an infographic.

LnT    provides a text analysis of the last part of Doctor Faustus: Doctor Faustus Faces His End