Sonnet 130

My Mistress' Eyes

The brochure provided below contains a wordlist, the poem and its translation. This is the very first step of the text analysis. It allows the students to fully understand the text they are asked to analyze. The brochure contents  was prepared by some students of mine.

The table below can be used to gather all the elements requested for a simple text analysis. My students from 3 LSA find it easy to use. 

It is composed of 2 columns. The one on the left presents a list of literary elements that are usually contained in poems whereas the column on the right can easily be filled out by the student (or the class). Little by little the students get accustomed to constantly return to the text they are analyzing.

[The following step is the presentation of the analysis through a simple, original text prepared by the student.]


LnT suggests

LnT   If you want to learn to recite Sonnet 130: 

      Here is a reading aloud proposed by

LnT displays the reading of the whole collection of Shakespeare's sonnets.

LnT   Ted Talks presents a wonderful immersion in the rhythm of the iambic pentameter thanks to a performance by Akala, entitled Hip-hop & Shakespeare (

LnT provides fantastic lessons. If you want to know more about the iambic pentameter just watch the following video: (

LnT A user of the website has just reminded me of a wonderful song: "Sister Moon", by Sting from "Nothing like the sun". A delight for the ears.