Presentation of the novel:

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded

This video presentation provides an in-depth look into the classic novel "Pamela or Virtue Rewarded". Through a series of well-defined steps, the video explores the historical and literary context, the publication history, and a comprehensive analysis of the novel's genre, title, structure, plot, characters, settings, point of view, narrator, narrative techniques, themes, and symbols. This video is designed specifically for non-native English speaking high school students, offering not only a deeper understanding of this significant work and its impact on literature, but also providing a valuable tool for students to present the novel on their own.

Meet the author: 

Samuel Richardson

LnT suggests:

LnT reading the first page of the novel. It is easy, there is a wordlist.

LnT the division into sections and a summary of the first page.

LnT The Rise of the Novel