Le Morte d'Arthur: Book I

Division into Sections and Summary

Division into Sections


Uther, king of England, and the duke of Cornwall meet to cease war. Uther meets Igraine, the duke's wife and desires her. Igraine reveals to her husband that the king desires her. The duke and Igraine decide to leave the castle immediately and secretly.Uther gets extremely angry. He decides what to do with his council:

  1. he will summon the duke
  2. he will have a reason to wage war against the duke if he does not come back with Igraine.

At the duke's refusal, Uther warns him to prepare war. So the duke "furnish[es] and "garnish[es] his castles: Terrabil and Tintagil. He sends Igraine to Tintagil while he chooses Terrabil for himself. During the war many people "were slain" and the king fell sick out of anger and desire. Sir Ulfius suggests to seek for Merlin, the only person who can solve the king's problem.