Thomas More

The biography chart is a didactic aid. A student of mine provided this one. It contains essential biographic information about the author. Sentences are not provided because by following the biographic facts and the inputs about the literary production, students can easily make simple sentences, then paragraphs and finally a text.

The biography chart is composed of two columns.

The column on the left contains headings for the data provided. The column on the right presents data about the writer.

The biography chart is also divided into two parts:

- the biographical part (Essential biographic info)

- the part revolving around More's literary production (Literary production).

In the pages of this site you can find a collection of materials for study and didactic aids, freely available and downloadable. The PDF file down the page is an example thereof.  Feel free to use it. 

It may be used as a compensatory measure for students with dyslexia and as material for study by anyone else. 

Thomas More's biographic chart covers his lifetime, from 1478 BC to 1535. 

Portrait of Thomas More by Hans Holbein (Public domain)
Portrait of Thomas More by Hans Holbein (Public domain)

LnT suggests:

LnT Take a look at the presentation of Utopia. The guide in 6 literary elements will lead you to a better understanding of Thomas More's prose work.

LnT Listen to the presentation of More's prose work by a student of mine