England in 1819: text analysis

A text analysis in 8 literary elements: 

- division into sections, 

- rhyme scheme, 

- structure/layout/genre, 

- setting, 

- figures of speech, 

- grammatical analysis, 

- semantic analysis, 

- themes.

LnT suggests

LnT  For further information on Percy Bisshe Shelley, LnT displays a brief biography together with Shelley's literary production in a  chart 

LnT  Introduction to Romanticism offers an overview of the age

LnT has a special section entitled "How to ..." in which different didactic tools can be found. The map "How to ... Analyze and Report on a Poetic Text" was used to analyze Shelley's poem.

LnT On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNlNC5qg9Cs, a reading of the poem. Practise and enjoy it.