William Shakespeare: 


Different didactic tools are provided here. 

The downloadable file on top of the page shows the texts of three sonnets by Shakespeare: sonnet 18 Shall I Compare Thee, sonnet 12 When I Do Count the Clock That Tells the Time, sonnet 130 My Mistress' Eyes are Nothing like the Sun.

A brochure is also provided. It contains a wordlist, the poem and its translation of the poem prepared by some students of mine.

A table is available. It displays the results of the text analysis, prepared by a student, then carried out in the classroom.

Sonnet 130


LnT suggests

LnT   If you want to learn to recite Shakespeare's sonnets here are some useful addresses

      Sonnet 130 a reading proposed by theater330.com (https://youtu.be/Eux4H79OKJA)       

      Sonnet 18 read by Harriet Walter (https://youtu.be/qUV7kE4A8hc)

      Sonnet 12 read by Ian Mc Kellen (https://youtu.be/ye7sUI-rulc)

LnT   theater330.com displays the reading of the whole collection of Shakespeare's sonnets.

LnT   Ted Talks presents a wonderful immersion in the rhythm of the iambic pentameter thanks to a performance by Akala, entitled Hip-hop & Shakespeare (https://youtu.be/DSbtkLA3GrY)

LnT   Ed.Ted.com provides fantastic lessons. If you want to know more about the iambic pentameter just watch the following video: (https://youtu.be/I5lsuyUNu_4)