First Page 

Division into Sections and Summary


The first page of the novel is a letter addressed to a father and a mother. The readers discover only at the end of the letter who the sender is: a dutiful daughter. She informs her parents Mrs B (the sender's mistress) died. She is worried about losing her job but she reveals Mrs B had recommended her to Mr B, her son, on her death-bed. Mr B promised to keep her in the house. He declared this in front of all the servants, while holding her hand. All the servants are given mourning and a year's wages. Pamela is given four golden guineas, and some silver. So she can send some money to her parents so that they can use it for paying their debts and for comfort. She warns them to be careful not to trust the messenger, John. She greets her parents before ending her letter.

Some students of mine developed a map of their own to report on Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded. 

LnT suggests

LnT Read the first page of the novel. It's fast, it's easy (there is a wordlist).