The Italian High School Finals:   Tales from the Oral Exams



Welcome to the captivating world of Italian high school finals, also known as "esami di maturità." These exams are a defining milestone in every Italian student's life, testing not only their academic knowledge but also their ability to handle pressure and unexpected challenges. Let's dive into the thrilling journey of these finals and the unforgettable stories that unfold.

The Composition and Setup:

Italian high school finals consist of three parts: two written exams and one dramatic oral examination. While the written tests assess academic knowledge, the oral exam adds a flair of creativity and emotion, making it an unforgettable experience.

The Oral Examination:

Within the oral exam, students display intriguing traits and emotions.

The Creative and Engaging Interview:

Some students astound the examining committee with remarkable performances, showcasing hidden talents that may not have been apparent during the school year. They turn the interview into a captivating theatrical experience, demonstrating that learning can be enjoyable and talent often reveals itself unexpectedly.

The Tearful Student:

Not everyone enters the exam room with a smile. Some face their fears with tears streaming down their faces, showcasing an inner strength that goes beyond appearances.

The Calm Student with an Internal Volcano:

On the contrary, some students appear composed and calm, masking an inner struggle of emotions and fears during the exam.

Exploring Different Personalities:

The Unaffected Student:

Some students seem detached, as if unaffected by the exam. They strive to impress with elaborate language, yet their lack of genuine passion and connection becomes apparent. Their limited engagement with the subject matter is revealed, leaving the examining committee yearning for more substance.

The Student on Edge:

Imagine a student who, on the day of the exam, feels like they're walking on hot coals. The weight of unfinished responsibilities gnaws at their conscience, and anxiety takes hold. Despite the overwhelming unease, this student musters the courage to rise above their fears.

Empty Words: The Student Who Talks Without Saying Much

In the oral exam, there are students who possess the gift of eloquence but struggle to convey meaningful content. They fill the room with words, yet their responses lack substance. This serves as a reminder that speaking of one's own experiences alone is not enough; it is the quality and depth of the message that truly matters.

The Student with a Future:

In contrast to those who fully engage in the present moment, some students become consumed by thoughts of their future. Their fixation on what lies ahead leads them to overlook the significance of the present and the opportunity to give their best in every instance. It serves as a reminder to strike a balance between aspirations for the future and embracing the value of the present moment.

The Expectations and Surprising Results:

Teachers and students approach the exams with their own expectations, but not all interviews proceed as anticipated. Despite nerves and challenges, surprising results emerge, showcasing hidden talents and abilities.


Italian high school finals provide a unique platform for students to reveal their true potential and personal growth. Beyond grades, these exams are about valuable lessons learned, resilience, and self-discovery. Embrace your accomplishments and step into the future with confidence, knowing that success is measured by passion, dedication, and positive impact.

Beyond Grades: Embrace Your Journey and Soar

As you embark on the next chapter of life, remember that success goes beyond exam outcomes. Celebrate your journey, cherish the moments of discovery, and let your dreams soar beyond the confines of these exams. The possibilities are endless, and your potential knows no bounds.