Text Analysis

Examples of text analysis: texts and wordlists, first pages and excerpts from novels and poems, summaries

The Middle Ages:

Edward, Edward: text (wordlist), analysis

Lord Randal: text (wordlist), analysis

The Canterbury Tales: the General Prologue: text (translation), Middle English, analysis

Le Morte d' Arthur: texts (wordlist) Book I, Book V (vol2)


The Augustan Age 

Robinson Crusoe: Chapter I: text, wordlist, division into sections and summary, title page

Gulliver's Travels: First page: text, wordlist

Pamela or Virtue Rewarded: First page: text, wordlist, division in sections and summary

Tristram Shandy: First page: text, wordlist


 I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud: text and wordlist; text analysis

England in 1819: text and wordlist, text analysis

Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus: First Page: text and wordlist

The Creation of the Monster

Pride and Prejudice: First Page: text and wordlist

The Victorian Age

Oliver Twist: first page: text and wordlist

                     first page: division in sections, summary

                     Oliver leaves Mrs Mann's house: text and wordlist

                     Oliver leaves Mrs Mann's house: analysis

Hard TimesCoketownlanguage analysis 

                     A classroom definition of a horse: text and wordlist

Heart of Darkness: First Page: text and wordlist

                                The Devil of Colonialism: visual analysis

The Ballad of Reading Goal: Each man kills the thing he loves: analysis

Each Man Kills the Thing he Loves: text and wordlist, analysis

Ulysses: text and wordlist, analysis

The Modern Age

Ulysses: an excerpt: stream of consciousness technique

A Room of One's Own: synthesis

The Present Age